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About Me

Like most American Christians I grew up being taken to Church at a very young age.  I never really started seeking Yahweh or the truth until later in life in my mid twenties.  I quickly became fascinated with the word and it began transforming my life. Yahweh and Christ became the center of my life and I had great zeal to do their will.  I searched the scriptures for truth and what direction The Father wanted me to go.  After years of studying I began to consider and question the apparent contradictions that lied between what Yeshua said and what Paul said.  I considered it a great sin to think that Paul could have ever been lying but I couldn’t quite come to peace with the fact that he seemed to preach that we were not obligated as Christians to obey the Law found in the Old Testament while Yeshua and his apostles seemed to point in the opposite direction.  I consulted preachers with my questions but they would seem to explain it any a way that did not make much sense to me. So I began researching the idea that Paul may in fact be a False Apostle. After months of rigorous study the truth became clear that Paul was in fact a False Apostle. I struggled to accept this fact and had many doubts and even at times felt that I was sinning for even thinking such a thing.  However, after much prayer and meditation I came face to face with the fact that Paul was not only a False Apostle but it was my duty as a servant of The Most High to spread the Truth. Yeshua said that whatever he told us in our ear to preach from the rooftops and that is exactly what I plan to do.  The fact is I found such freedom in finally rejecting Paul as the false apostle he is and turning to Yahweh’s perfect Law. I and many others have found this truth and the freedom and peace that comes from obeying Yahweh’s Law and knowing that you are doing his will. I invite you to analyze all of the evidence I have provided on this website and to do your own research and I believe you too will quickly discover the truth for yourself and it will become so evident that you will wonder how you or others never realized it before. I urge you to spread the truth about Paul and to guide your brothers and sisters toward obeying The Law of God and doing his will. Lets repair this breach together.